Air Conditioner Replacement in Chino Hills, CA

At Apollo Air Conditioning & Heating we understand your ac unit is an extremely important appliance, especially when summer rolls around. We also know they break down from time to time, in which event you need to have an air conditioner replacement done by a top professional. This is where we come in!

Air Conditioner Replacement – Top Rated!

When efficiency is a problem, a simple repair might not do the trick; in such instances, we recommend you do some air conditioner replacement your outdated AC unit with a newer, energy efficient model. If you are not sure how old your unit is, or whether or not it is energy efficient, contact our HVAC team today. We will discuss your options, and inform you of what services have to be performed in line with air conditioner replacement in order to improve efficiency in your home.


Air Conditioner Replacement Evaluation

Our technicians will visit your home to perform a complete check on your AC unit before concluding if it needs air conditioner replacement. Since there are different brands, and energy efficient options, our technicians will discuss such options, and inform you of the best one, based upon your consumption and use needs. Our team is not only familiar with various air conditioner replacement units and brands, but also how much space they can cool in order to keep your home feeling as comfortable as possible during those warmer months of the year.

We provide you with a written air conditioner replacement quote, which is all-inclusive of all fees and costs. No surprises when you deal with us! Everything is written on the quote; if you don’t understand something or want to ask a question, our HVAC technician will answer your questions about the pricing on the spot.

Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation – 100% Customer Satisfaction


Upon completing the inspection, if you have chosen to do a air conditioner replacement on the unit, our technician will visit your home with all necessary equipment to begin the fitting and installation process. We work around your schedule to accommodate your needs as well. Further, we are careful when fitting the new unit to avoid damage to the AC or to your property, and we will properly dispose of and recycle the old unit upon completing installation.

We fully test the AC and all rooms after installation. Our technician will remain with you after the air conditioner replacement to ensure it is working properly and properly cooling all areas of the home or office space. Rest assured our technician will not leave until a full check is performed to ensure your new unit is working properly.

Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation – 100% Customer Satisfaction

In addition to air conditioner replacement and installations, our technician is going to teach you how to operate and maintain the new air conditioning unit. Since it is an efficient model, it should last for years to come if properly cared for. Our technician will walk you through the process, let you know what has to be done, and will teach you how to properly maintain the system, to ensure cool air in your home or office, for several years to come.

AC Replacement Refunds and Tax Incentives

Many tax incentives are available when replacing your AC unit. This is to help offset the cost of a new air conditioning unit, and is used as a means to get homeowners to switch to more eco-friendly systems. To learn about air conditioner replacement tax breaks and incentives you can visit your local energy company’s website, or contact us at (909) 637-3044 to find out what incentives you may qualify for.